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Ageing well - staying young

Preserving mental and physical performance is the best guarantee for independence and joy in life. Our aim is to support you on this path to a better quality of life through vitality and health.

Vitality and health primarily rely on sufficient energy supply, which is generated in the mitochondria, the "powerhouses of our cells". Therefore, everything revolves around protecting and activating the mitochondria through specific vital substances, also known as Mitoceuticals®. These vital substances occur naturally in our body, and various factors such as stress, exercise, consumables, vegetarian diet, environmental toxins, pregnancy & lactation, and aging can create an increased demand.

Our product portfolio currently includes about forty high-quality products. The focus is on Ubiquinol Q10 products, as Ubiquinol Q10 is a key substance in the mitochondria.

The mse products are mostly available with individual vital substances, allowing for combination and dosage according to individual needs. Each product meets the highest standards of bioavailability and quality (e.g., degree of purity). Additionally, attention is paid to a minimum of auxiliary and additive substances.

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