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Mitochondrien – Symptome, Diagnose und Therapie

Dr. sc. med. Bodo Kuklinski

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What makes the book "Mitochondrien − Symptome, Diagnose, Therapie" special?

The future of medicine lies in the mitochondria!

Medical research is coming across more and more connections between mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic diseases. Anyone who wants to treat these diseases successfully, rather than just treat them with medication, should therefore look at mitochondria.

They are responsible for the energy supply of (almost) every body cell and are involved in many processes that are enormously important for health and therapeutic success, for example in detoxification, apoptosis and various biosyntheses.

Dr. Kuklinski, the pioneer of practical mitochondrial medicine in Germany, has been conducting his own research in this field for decades, evaluating the relevant research literature and translating findings directly into therapeutic measures in his practice - as a result of which he has developed many scientifically based therapeutic measures that enable real healing.

In this book, Dr. Kuklinski presents his wealth of experience and gives a lot of concrete as well as helpful information for implementation in daily practice.

Source: Excerpt from the blurb

Mitochondrien – Symptome, Diagnose, Therapie


The book "Mitochondrien – Symptome, Diagnose, Therapie" offers:

  • an easy-to-understand introduction to the relevant metabolic processes of mitochondria and somatic cells,
  • a practical presentation on the diagnosis of mitochondrial and cellular dysfunctions,
  • detailed information on mitochondrial therapy in general and in particular for many diseases such as: :
    • Obesity,
    • autoimmune diseases,
    • burn-out,
    • chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),
    • chronic hypoglycaemia,
    • diabetes,
    • exhaustion,
    • fibromyalgia,
    • cancer,
    • multiple chemical sensitivity,
    • stress
    • as well as diseases of the eyes, the respiratory tract, the musculoskeletal system, the skin, the heart and blood vessels, the nerves, brain and psyche, including neurodegeneration, and the genitourinary and digestive tracts.

Source: Excerpt from the blurb


Dr. sc. med. Bodo Kuklinski

Hardcover edition

526 pages


3rd edition 2018




17,2 x 3,9 x 24,7 cm




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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference th book "Mitochondrientherapie"?

The book „Mitochondrien – Symptome, Diagnose, Therapie“ presents the topic of mitochondrial medicine more comprehensively compared to the book "Mitochondrientherapie" and goes into greater depth on the relevant metabolic processes of mitochondria and somatic cells as well as mitochondrial diagnostics and therapy.

Is Dr. B. Kuklinski a practising physician?

Yes, Dr. B. Kuklinski is a practising physician with his own practice in Rostock and a pioneer in the field of mitochondrial medicine.


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