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Vitamin D rapid test

To determine vitamin D levels at home in a matter of minutes

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What can the rapid vitamin D test do?

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin

Among other things, vitamin D plays a role in cell division, contributes to a healthy immune system and the maintenance of normal bones. Our body can produce vitamin D3 itself - what is necessary is sufficient exposure to sunlight. However, due to our current lifestyle, many of us do not spend enough time in the sun. As a result, the body's own production of the sunshine vitamin may be reduced.

Determine your own vitamin D level

With the vitamin D self-test, you can find out about your vitamin D level from the comfort of your own home. By comparing it with a color scale, you can get an idea of whether you are sufficiently supplied with vitamin D, or whether there is an insufficient supply, a deficiency or even possibly an oversupply.


Vitamin D rapid test

With the vitamin D rapid test, you can determine your vitamin D blood level from home. The blood sample is taken from the fingertip using a lancet. You will receive your test result within 10 minutes - without having to send a blood sample to a laboratory.


Rapid test, pipette, buffer, lancing device, alcohol pad, instructions, comparison card


The vitamin D level in the blood is determined using an immunoassay test.

A stronger band in the test cassette indicates the vitamin D level. The determination is made by comparison with a color reference that allows estimation of values below 10 ng/ml, between 10 and 30 ng/ml, and between 30 ng/ml and 100 ng/ml.


The Vitamin D Rapid Test is a certified and approved self-test (according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC) for the determination of vitamin D level for the detection and prevention of vitamin D deficiency.

Frequently asked questions

What can be detected with the Vitamin D rapid test?

With the vitamin D rapid test you can classify your vitamin D level in the blood. By comparing it with the scale provided, you can assess whether your vitamin D level is below 10 ng/ml, between 10 and 30 ng/ml or between 30 and 100 ng/ml.

Can I perform the vitamin D rapid test myself at home?

Yes, you can perform the vitamin D rapid test yourself in the comfort of your own home. After only 10 minutes you will receive your personal test result.

How does the vitamin D rapid test work?

It works similarly to the well-known rapid home antigen tests: the sample is mixed with a buffer and placed on the test cassette. The vitamin D binding sites are located on the membrane in the "positive line" area. The vitamin D molecules present in the sample displace the dye-labeled vitamin D molecules in this line. The higher the vitamin D concentration, the weaker the intensity of the color in the positive line.

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