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Krebs ist eine Umweltkrankheit

Klaus-Dietrich Runow

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What makes the book "Krebs ist eine Umweltkrankheit" special?

A book for healthy people and people with cancer

This book is for all people who want to confront this disease. Even small changes in dietary habits and physical activity combined with detoxification and cell protection therapy can lead to a rapid and significant improvement in quality of life or even prevent the onset of cancer. The book builds a bridge between conventional medicine and an environmental medical treatment with micronutrients and herbal agents that optimises the classical cancer therapy.

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Krebs ist eine Umweltkrankheit


Cancer treatment is one of the greatest medical challenges of our time. Cancer concerns us all, because almost one in two people can expect to develop it in the course of their lives. Two-thirds of cancers are caused by environmental factors such as air, water and food pollution. At the same time, however, this means that we can do something ourselves to prevent or delay the onset of the disease. This book aims to show that there is a real chance of counteracting the sharp rise in chronic diseases such as cancer.

Source: Excerpt from the blurb


Klaus-Dietrich Runow

Hardcover edition

288 pages


1st edition of the updated and revised new edition (2019)




14,4 x 3 x 22,2 cm




Südwest Verlag

Frequently asked questions

Who is the book "Krebs ist eine Umweltkrankheit" suitable for?

This book is aimed at all people who want to confront this disease. It is suitable for both sufferers and therapists. The book is written in a clear, compact and practical way.

What professional training does the author have?

Klaus-Dietrich Runow is an environmental physician and was the first German doctor to pass his environmental medicine examination in the USA and to be certified by the International Board for Environmental Medicine. In 1989 he established the first German Institute for Environmental Diseases and is thus a pioneer of environmental medicine in Germany.


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