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Das HWS-Trauma – Ursache, Diagnose und Therapie

Dr. sc. med. Bodo Kuklinski

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What makes the book "Das HWS-Trauma – Ursachen, Diagnose und Therapie" special?

The unstable cervical spine as a possible cause!

Many of the diseases considered chronic and fateful today, such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatism or migraine, even multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome can have their cause in an unstable cervical spine and can be treated successfully!

The author Dr. Kuklinski, a specialist in internal medicine and environmental medicine, has found this out in his many years of practice and has thus been able to help many people with chronic diseases in the long term.

This book is aimed at all therapists who want to work on the cause of their patients' illnesses and are not satisfied with suppressing the symptoms!

Source: Excerpt from the blurb

Das HWS-Trauma − Ursachen, Diagnose und Therapie


In the book "Das HWS-Trauma – Ursache, Diagnose und Therapie", Dr. Bodo Kuklinski describes in detail,

  • how damage to the cervical spine occurs, because it is not only a rear-end collision that can lead to trauma,
  • how a reliable diagnosis can be made, which examinations and results are necessary and helpful,
  • what effects the damaged neck can have on the patient's health, and
  • what successful therapy looks like.

Source: Excerpt from the blurb


Dr. sc. med. Bodo Kuklinski

Hardcover edition

286 pages


9th edition 2018




17,2 x 2,3 x 24,7 cm




© Aurum in J. Kamphausen Mediengruppe GmbH

Frequently asked questions

Is Dr. B. Kuklinski a practising doctor?

Yes, Dr. B. Kuklinski is a practising doctor with his own practice in Rostock and a pioneer in the field of mitochondrial medicine.

Who is the book "Das HWS-Trauma" suitable for?

The book "Das HWS-Trauma" is primarily aimed at therapists who want to work on the cause of their patients' illnesses!


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