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Diabetes Typ II - Ursachen verstehen – erfolgreich behandeln

Dr. sc. med. Bodo Kuklinski and Dr. Anja Schemionek

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What makes the book "Diabetes Typ II - Ursachen verstehen – erfolgreich behandeln" special?

You also think that there are already far too many books about diabetes type 2? This book is different. And it is urgently needed. Because the treatment of diabetes type 2 is a long story of suffering for many sufferers. They are supposed to lose weight - but it doesn't work - time and again the scales and blood sugar show that the therapy is not successful. The experienced doctor Dr. Bodo Kuklinski has intensively studied the background of this lack of success and recognised it: In many cases, it is metabolic problems of the body's cells that prevent an improvement and the quite possible cure.

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Diabetes Typ II - Ursachen verstehen – erfolgreich behandeln

This book explains these therapeutic obstacles in the body's cells in a way that is understandable and suitable for everyday life, and reports on the ways in which they can be diagnosed and eliminated together with a doctor, but completely without medication. The book deals with the deep causes of diabetes in the body's cells and opens up possibilities to counteract these causes. Talk to your therapists about it and dare to make a new start. "It is high time to understand human health as the interaction of complex processes that function holistically, instead of diagnosing and treating strictly according to specialities." Dr. Bodo Kuklinski

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Dr. sc. Med. Bodo Kuklinski and Dr. Anja Schemionek

Softcover edition

104 pages


1st edition 2022




13,5 x 21,0 cm




Aurum in Kamphausen Media GmbH

Frequently asked questions

What makes this book different from others?

The book looks at type II diabetes from the perspective of mitochondrial medicine and gives tips on how to relieve and strengthen the mitochondria.

Who is the book suitable for?

The focus here is clearly on those affected: it is written in an easy-to-understand manner and, through many examples from the everyday lives of those affected, conveys the certainty that the authors take the problems of diabetics seriously.

What is the professional background of the authors?

Dr. Bodo Kuklinski is a practising specialist for internal and environmental medicine and head of the Diagnostic and Therapy Centre for Environmental Medical Diseases in Rostock. He is a pioneer in the field of mitochondrial medicine.
Dr. Anja Schemionek is a graduate biologist and science editor. She works as a freelance author, lecturer and editor mainly in the field of health. Out of personal conviction, she is particularly dedicated to holistic and natural healing methods.


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