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Mikronährstoffe: Metabolic Tuning – Prävention – Therapie

Uwe Gröber

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What makes the book "Metabolic Tuning – Prävention – Therapie" special?

A vitamin for the pocket
Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and co. have a firm place in disease prevention as well as in medical therapy and rehabilitation work. The focus is on their proven benefits as anti-inflammatories, stabilisers of the immune system and protective factors in tissue stress.
The well-known author draws on a wide range of practical experience. He not only names the areas of application, dose and duration of therapy, but also gives tips on application and choice of preparation. And last but not least, he points out the often overlooked interactions with medicinal substances.

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Mikronährstoffe: Metabolic Tuning – Prävention – Therapie

The first part of the book teaches the basics of micronutrient medicine. Here, mitochondrial medicine is also dealt with in more detail, before vitamins, vitaminoids, minerals and trace elements as well as other micronutrients are examined more closely. Causes of deficiencies in these substances, symptoms of deficiency, interactions with medicines, levels of action and physiological functions are explained. In the last part of the book, indications and dosage recommendations are presented in tabular form.

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Uwe Gröber

Softcover edition

624 pages


3rd edition 2011




17,2 x 13,4 x 3,8 cm




Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart

Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes the book from others?

The focus here is clearly on practice: the book is suitable as a practical reference work for everyday life and can be consulted as a constant companion on the desk. Short tables and bullet-point lists summarise the content at a glance.

Who is the book suitable for?

This book is suitable for therapists and doctors who want to learn more about the use of micronutrients in practice. It assumes specialist knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical topics.

What is the author's professional background?

Uwe Gröber is a pharmacist and is one of the leading micronutrient experts in Europe. He has been active in the education and training of physicians, pharmacists and nutritionists for many years. His areas of expertise include micronutrient medicine, interactions between drugs and micronutrients, nutritional and preventive medicine, and complementary cancer therapy.


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