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Dr. med. Helena Orphanos-Boeckel

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What distinguishes the book "Nährstoff-Therapie"?

Informative and detailed

"It's crazy, everyone agrees that nutrients and hormones are vital, and yet they are not systematically used. Yet our biochemistry, which connects everything like a web, can be functionally measured, customised with nutrients and hormones to improve metabolic function. The more robust the metabolism, the better we can cope with stress and age, the better our well-being and the longer we can maintain or restore health. This is what you will learn in this book and hopefully learn to use for yourself."

Source: Excerpt from the foreword


Health and prevention with the body's own nutrients

A lack of nutrients and endogenous hormones makes our bodies sensitive, lacks energy, makes us age earlier and accompanies many diseases. But does the intake of nutrients and hormones help? Yes, very much so! - is what the experienced holistic physician and metabolism expert Helena Orfanos-Boeckel has been finding in her work for over 20 years. Detecting physical weaknesses by means of detailed laboratory examinations and treating them specifically with nutrients and the body's own hormones brings demonstrable success.

"Vitamin deficiency? - But I eat so healthy!"

  • Recognising hidden deficiencies: Exhaustion, depression, sleep and digestive disorders, pain, high sensitivity, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and stress often go hand in hand with a nutrient deficiency and hormonal imbalance at the cellular level that cannot be detected by a general blood test.
  • Read laboratory values correctly: detect hidden dysfunctions with the appropriate laboratory diagnostics, know the correct reference values and draw the effective therapeutic conclusions.
  • The most important substances of life: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and hormones - which substances can be used specifically in therapeutic dosages for the most common diseases and have the best results.

Exciting findings for more vitality, less metabolic sensitivity and a long healthy life.

Source: Blurb


Dr. med. Helena Orfanos-Boeckel

Softcover edition

352 pages


1st edition 2022




24,6 x 18,2 x 2,7 cm





Frequently asked questions

Who is the book suitable for?

The book sometimes deals with complex metabolic processes or laboratory values, but these are explained and presented in such an appealing way that the book is understandable not only for medically trained people, but also for interested lay people.

How is the book structured?

The book is divided into different chapters: after an introduction, basic knowledge about how hormones and nutrients work in the body is conveyed, which is needed to understand the more in-depth chapters on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and hormones. This is followed by a discussion of diagnostics and indications and an outlook.

What is the author's professional background?

Helena Orfanos-Boeckel, MD, studied medicine in Brussels and Berlin and completed her specialist training as an internist. After working in a clinic for ten years, she has now been working in her own practice for holistic internal medicine, metabolism and prevention in Berlin-Charlottenburg since 2002, where she combines classical internal medicine with orthomolecular and, in particular, mitochondrial and hormonal medicine.


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