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Mito-D-Ribose Pulver

Food supplement with D-ribose

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Why is Mito-D-Ribose Pulver important for my body?

Properties of D-ribose

Cell metabolism is based, among other things, on the functioning of the mitochondria, in which energy is obtained from our food. Ribose belongs to the mitotropic substances that occur in the mitochondria and are therefore also called Mitoceuticals®.

D-ribose is:

  • a simple sugar with five carbon atoms
  • present in all body cells, among other things in the framework of the hereditary substance (DNA, RNA) and as a
  • component of the body's energy currency, ATP
  • the naturally occuring form of ribose in contrast to the synthetic L-form

Mito-D-Ribose Pulver


The daily intake of one heaped teaspoon contains:

  • approx. 5g D-ribose



Free from milk protein, lactose, soya, yeast, gelatine, flavourings, colourings, preservatives and gluten.

Recommended Intake

One heaped teaspoon daily with meals and sufficient liquid.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage information

Store at room temperature and out of the reach of small children.



Frequently asked questions

What is D-ribose?

D-ribose is a sugar with 5 carbon atoms that can also be formed by the body from glucose. Among other things, D-ribose serves as a building block for our DNA and RNA, but also for our body's energy currency ATP.

What is the source of the D-ribose in Mito-D-Ribose Pulver?

The D-ribose is obtained through natural fermentation of non-GMO maize.

What is the difference between Mito-D-Ribose and Mito-D-RibosePulver?

Mito-D-Ribose contains D-ribose in capsule form, so it can be taken on the go at any time. Mito-D-Ribose Pulver contains the pure ribose powder without further additives and can be dosed very individually.

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